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Item Number: Lotion510

Product Name: Hopes Goats Milk Shea Butter and Honey Body Lotion


 Hopes Passion Present our Goat's Milk, Shea Butter & Honey Lotion Plus

Our Lotion contains Goats Milk, Honey and Shea Butter Plus many numerous other nutrients...(most are listed below).  Absorbs well, after soaking into your skin, the lotion leaves your skin soft, silky, hydrated, and wonderfully scented in our NEW White Pear and Peony!

 This is a very thick and creamy lotion that will leave you feeling Amazing.  An extremely luxurious 6oz of heaven for your skin and senses.

Here is a list of Most of the Special Oils and Butters in our Luxurious Lotion: 

Goats Milk is high in protein, triglycerides, Vitamin A, B6, B12 and E making it an excellent natural moisturizer that helps hydrate and nourish your skin.

Shea Butter is High in Vitamin and Mineral content. Pure Shea Butter is known as a wonderful benefit for dry skin by helping to moisturize while providing a silky protective barrier to all skin types.

Honey is a natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory that is high in Vitamin C and promotes Collagen formation in the skin.

  Aloe Vera contains many Vitamins including A, C, E,  folic acid, choline, B1, B2, B3 (niacin), B6, and one of the few plants that contains Vitamin B12.  Aloe Vera also includes 2o minerals, Amino Acids and 8 are essential.  It also contains an impressive range of Fatty Acids.

Sweet Almond Oil adds moisturizing attributes.  Excellent substitute for petroleum based oils. Does not clog pores. All Natural.

Avocado Oil is an all-natural, nutrient-rich vegetable oil that contains Collagen-supporting Amino Acids and proteins, as well as Vitamin A

Vitamin E  is more than an ingredient in many skin products. It also helps keep us beautiful on the inside  by helping protect body tissues from free radical attack. By fending off free radicals, Vitamin E limits their damage and helps keep our cells healthy.

Sunflower Oil has excellent moisturizing qualities while displaying good spread ability on the skin. Also is thought to be a Natural form of Vitamin E.

Be Sure To Order You A Bottle Of  This Amazing Body Lotion.  This Is Truly A Luxurious Lotion...

And Please Don't Forget That Special Friend, Sister or Mother.  You Couldn't Get Them A Better Gift!

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