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Item Number: 293VotiveCandle

Product Name: Grubby Votive Candle Set of 3


Awesome Set of Grubby Votives!

These Votives not only burn for an extremely long time but they look Fabulous!  The picture just doesn't do them justice.  The two votives on the sides are the same size which are  2" tall x   1 3/4 " wide.  These two are Large Votives on there own.  The larger Votive Candle in the center is so big that if poured in a harder wax would be considered a Pillar candle, it is  2 1/4" tall x  2" wide.  This set is truly beautiful together and over 1/2 lb of awesome fragranced wax!

The combination of waxes we use to make our Votive Candles with not only makes them burn longer than others but takes our Premium Fragrance Oils to Higher Level (if that is even possible:)  One of the smaller votive candles will definately fill an entire room with one of  our Fabulous Aromas!

You sure won't beat this gorgeous set anywhere...such an inexpensive gift that looks like you paid a whole lot more than you really did!    


1) Keep Wicks Trimmed to 1/4" at ALL times

2) ALL Votive Candles MUST BE BURNED in a CONTAINER.    

3)  In Order To Get The Best and Longest Burning Time From Your Votive Candles you MUST place them in a Votive Container that allows the Least amount of room in between them and the wall of the container.  Almost a perfect fit if possible.

4)  If your wicks starts to dance/smoke etc., that is a sign that your wick needs to be trimmed.  If you do not do this your Votive Candles will not last long at all! 

5)  These Instructions Are For ALL Votive Candles, no matter where you purchase them!

PLEASE REMEMBER....I can ship 2-Sets for the price of 1-Set...if you Place your Order by EMAIL or PHONE.  I cannot do this if you have already gone through the shopping cart and paid for your purchase.  Unfortunately No postage calculators can take into consideration the FLAT RATE BOXES by USPS Priority Mail !!

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